Letters from Ministers and others
Ghana image
Ghana  Ghana 17 Nov 1998
Ministry of Education
Minister of Education   Harry Sawyeer
Kenya image
Kenya  Kenya 6 Dec 1993
Ministry of Research, Technical Training and Technology of Kenya
Permanet Secretary   Karega Mutahi
Surat Silpa-Anan
Thailand  Thailand 21 Aug 1996
Ministry of Education
Minister   Surat Silpa-Anan
P.M. Makhurane
Zimbabwe  Zimbabwe 27 / 15 Mar 1996
National University of Science and Technology
Vice Chancellor   P.M. Makhurane
Gen.Tienchai Sirisumphan
Thailand  Thailand 9 Oct 1990
Ministry of Education
Minister of Education Tienchai Sirisumphan (GN)
K.A. Butah
Ghana  Ghana 3 Jun 1991
Ministry of Industries, Science and Technology of Ghana
PNDC Secretary   K.A. Butah GN/CAPT
K.A. Bitai
Ghana  Ghana 29 May 1991
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research of Ghana
Director General   R.G.J. Butler
Tadeusz Diem
Poland  poland 8 Feb 1992
Ministry of National Education
Deputy Minister   Tadeusz Diem

Sri-Lanka  Sri-Lanka 3 Jan 1996
Ministry of Sci., Tech., and Human Resources Development
Permanent Secretary
Minister H.A. Wimalagunawardhane

Kyrgyz image
Kyrgyz  Kyrgyz 13 Apr 2007
Ministry of Education and Science
Minister of Education K.Osmonaliev
Mongolia image
Mongolia  Mongolia 20 May 2002

Ministry of Science, Technology, Education and Culture
Director Deputy N.Urtnasan

Sri-Lanka  Sri-Lanka 5 Nov 1996

Nalanda College

Kenya image
Kenya  Kenya 22 Dec 1998

Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development
Permanet Secretary   W.K.K. Kimalat, MGH

Eritrea  Eritrea 8 Jan 2007

Ministry of Education
Director General Geberezghi Dimam

Jerzy Dalek

Poland  poland 8 Feb 1992
Ministry of National Education
Head, IT Division  Jerzy Dalek

Peru image
Peru  Zimbabwe 2 Mar 1994
Presidential Administration
Secretary General  Mariela Guerinoni Romero
Peru image
Peru  Zimbabwe 16 Nov 1999
Association Peruano Japonesa
President  Gerardo Maruy
Peru image
Peru  Zimbabwe 29 Oct 2001
Association Peruano Japonesa
President  Luis Baba
Poland  poland 8 Feb 1992
Ministry of National Education of Poland and KCG/IDCE
The Declaration of Intent