About IDCE

There is always a story behind the scenes.

There are events in the process of realizing IDCE that have given us significant memories, good or bad, funny or upsetting, exciting or peaceful. We thought we'd share some of them here. (The stories will be updated as they're ready.)


  1. Episode in Thailand:
    1. "Your computers should be thrown away into the ocean."
    2. "You're just a little girl ! "
  2. Episode in Ghana
    1. "Do Ghanaian people still live on the trees?"
    2. "Where is the director? "
  3. Episode in Poland
    1. "We don't need your computers."
  4. Episode in Kenya
    1. Oyugis, the timeless town
  5. Episode in Zimbabwe
    1. "Your computers are useless."
    2. Josef, a boy without a dream
  6. Episode in Peru
    1. "We need a nap."
    2. The line between the beaches
  7. Episode in Sri Lanka
    1. The girl who spoke fluent Japanese.
  8. Episode in Massachusetts, USA
    1. "Go back to where you belong!"
  9. Episode in general
    1. "The woman who 'conquers' the hospitals all over the world?"
    2. "Endless cornfields"
    3. "Don't make the waves!"
    4. "The rose at the door."
    5. "You heard me before I even spoke."
    6. "The red neck-ring."