IDCE Program

IDCE consists of the following five basic steps:

  1. IDCE donates computers to the government of the receiving country.
  2. The receiving government is to be responsible for the maintenance and the distribution of the donation to schools throughout their country.
  3. IDCE sends volunteer instructors to the receiving country to offer an intensive course for selected teachers of the designated recipient schools / institutions. We try to include at least one student in our group of instructors whose home country is the receiving country.
  4. Participants learn basic computer techniques and skills through the seminars offered by IDCE. The seminars can take place in the receiving country, in Japan at KCG, or both.
  5. The receiving country conducts a computer education program for the general public in their designated recipient schools.

After completion of the basic program, IDCE and the participating country apply for grants to secure additional funding for the promotion and enhancement of computer education as literacy in the participating country.

We have been able to realize the full program or even further whenever we have had enough funding. Securing funding is very important for the program, for without it, the program cannot have the full effect and may not be able to continue.